Thomas Dunagan


Thomas has always had a joy of puzzles and games. From designing and playing games as a child all the way into adulthood he loves the challenges and experiences they provide for others. After stumbling upon the world of escape rooms he knew that this was something he could put his passion and talents into. But in all honesty he really just wants the title of Master Builder because "everything is awesome".

Why choose The Lost Room?

Created by Escape Room Enthusiasts

The Lost Room was born from a love of doing escape rooms. When we are away from work we are enjoying escape adventures on our own. The Lost Room allows us to share that joy with you.

Local Ownership and

Original Creations

Throughout our lives living in North Georgia, we have always been fascinated by games and puzzles. By creating our own original escape adventures we want you to experience that passion with us.

 Unforgettable Experiences

Nothing matters more to us than for you to have an amazing escape adventure. Family, friends and co-workers will have lasting memorable moments through the challenges, the comradery, the teamwork, and the fun.